We offer many different and fun shooting experiences that are unique to Best Shot Range. These special events are great opportunities for celebrations or just a night out. We offer:

Ladies Night
Bachelor Parties
Youth Shooting Camps
Tactical Shooting

and exclusively at Best Shot:

Gun Pong™

Ladies Night

There is a weekly opportunity on Monday for women to shoot at Best Shot Range from 4pm to 8pm for a discounted rate — ONLY $12! Bring your friends and have some fun letting go of the stress from the week while enhancing your marksmanship.

Ladies Groups or BUNKO Groups of 5 or more will receive one free target upgrade.

Please call or email to reserve lanes when planning a large group outing (5 or more people).

Bachelor Parties

“I never knew how much fun a bachelor party could be until I went to one at Best Shot!”
-Chuck Turner

A bachelor party at Best Shot Range offers a unique “last night as a single man.” The party may be spent playing Gun Poker, challenging each other to Gun Pong™, or just simply shooting. Then, the party may move to the lobby where you can kick back, play poker, and enjoy cool beverages. Requests or questions can be asked here or you may call 281-648-7468.

Best Shot Camp

Check our Calendar for more dates.

Shooting Camps: The focus of the camp is to introduce youth, ages 8 to 16, to the shooting experience. Our weekday camp lasts 3 days — Tuesday through Thursday, 8:00am to 11:00am. There will be rifle shooting every day with an emphasis on gun safety and marksmanship. We feature Savage Mark-II FVT Target Rifles. The camp includes daily use of a rifle, eye and ear protection, ammo and targets. There will be three primary topics discussed: Gun Safety, Basic Firearms Knowledge, Basic Marksmanship. Our most important goal is for everyone to have a safe and positive shooting experience. Also, we have an Intro-Camp that is one weekday session. <Please contact the Range directly for current pricing.>

Tactical Shooting

Currently, we offer Tactical Shooting instruction on an occasional/limited basis. If you are interested in attending a Tactical Shooting Course, please speak with our Staff.

Gun Pong™

Gun Pong™ is an event you can find exclusively at Best Shot Range. Gun Pong™ is very simple, with five Pong balls suspended underneath a rod with nylon line. During the game, the Gun Pong™ target is set at a specific distance – generally 5, 7 or 10 yards. You must score “HITS” on all five Pong balls until they are displaced from their holder. There are three different games:

1. Match Collect “HITS” on all five Pong balls before your opponent.
Setting up the Mano-a-Mano Match between friends brings out the Best in everyone
2. Accuracy “HIT” all five Pong balls in the least number of shots
Strengthens both skill and accuracy
3. Speed “HIT” all five Pong balls in the shortest amount of time
Increases confidence and timing through repetition and speed

Gun Pong™ is fun for individuals and any size groups creating healthy competition and developing skills.
Please ask Best Shot Staff for more details.