Holster Dynamics

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Holster Dynamics will focus on safety in conjunction with handgun manipulation using holsters. The student will understand different types of holsters (Inside WaistBand (IWB) / Outside WaistBand (OWB), different carry modes(open/concealed), alternative modes of carry, and draw techniques from holsters. At the end of the course, the student is expected to be able to choose the correct/appropriate holster for their handgun and carry purpose and be able to demonstrate safe handgun manipulation from holstered position and shoot from draw.

What is included: Range Fee, Classroom Instruction, safety equipment (eye/ear protection) and Ammunition (50 rounds total of any caliber not greater than 9mm)

REQUIREMENT: This is not a beginner’s course. Students are expected to be able to demonstrate familiarity and safe operation of their personal handgun.

What To Bring: Handgun and Compatible Holster, Jacket or over the shirt garment, it is suggested that student must bring one Inside the Waistband Holster and one Outside the Waistband Holster to maximize benefits from the training.