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The requirements for the Class are 4 hours of instruction, plus a shooting proficiency qualification and a written test.

The Weekend (usually Saturday) class is a one day class from 8am until 1pm. Weekday (usually Tuesday) classes typically begin at 6pm and ending at 10pm with the shooting proficiency scheduled by appointment.

For the shooting proficiency, bring the gun you want to qualify with and a  minimum of 50 rounds of ammo.  If you need ammo, please let us know what caliber so we can have it on hand if you need to buy it.  Ammo must be factory ammo for qualifying.

You may qualify with a semi-auto or revolver.  These guns are available for loan with the purchase of ammo if you do not have one for qualifying.

You only need one magazine as the rounds are loaded for each “rotation” of shooting.  No preloading of magazines is necessary.

If you have eye and ear protection you prefer, please bring it.  If you need it, we will provide it.  If you wear corrective glasses, you are not required to wear additional eye protection.

The Shooting Proficiency requires 50 shots – 20 at 3 yards, 20 at 7 yards and 10 at 15 yards.
A perfect score is 250 and a minimum of 175 or 70% is required to qualify.

For the Shooting Proficiency, we will meet at Best Shot Range at 8am. For the classroom portion of the class, we’ll utilize our onsite training room.

There are three cost components for a Texas License to Carry a Handgun:

  1. LTC Class
  2. Texas DPS License to Carry a Handgun – Apply Online
  3. Texas DPS Fingerprints – Get More Information

The class tuition for a New Licensee is $80 – this includes the class instruction and shooting qualification.

As for the license, the Standard price is $40 – the State offers discounts for Seniors (60+), Veterans, Active Military, etc.

DPS will “run” your driver’s license number similar to a traffic stop – if you “pass”, you will continue the online application process and be given a bar code receipt.

The online process routes you to an online reservation for electronic fingerprints. You must make an appointment to visit the State’s fingerprint agent at one of various locations in the Houston area. The cost for fingerprint processing is $9.95.

Once you take the class, you’ll return several forms and a certificate of completion to DPS.

You can complete the online process to pay for your license before or after taking the Class.  You will mail all of the paperwork upon completing the LTC class.

Or, you may upload your documents directly to DPS; click here.

We’ll cover the complete licensing process during the class to ensure you have everything you need.

Classroom space is limited, advance registration with payment is required.
Payment is accepted in the form of cash, check, gift certificate, or credit/debit card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express).

You may bring snacks and refreshments to the class.

For the Texas Department of Public Safety License to Carry Application click here.