• Q: Do I need to be a Member to shoot at Best Shot Range?

    A: Membership is not required - we are Open to the Public. However, Membership has its privileges, including a 10% discount on purchase in our ProShop! If you're a regular shooter, it makes perfect sense to join Best Shot.

  • Q: Does Texas have Gun Registration?

    A: No. In fact, when your purchase a gun from a Dealer, it is not "registered" in your name. Take the Best Shot Range License to Carry course and learn more.

  • Q: What's the difference between single-action, double-action, and double-action only?

    A: The Best Shot Range Learn-to-Shoot course explains this and more. Learn about guns and ammo in one evening and shoot 10 different types of guns!

  • Q: When is Best Shot Range open?

    A: Generally, Best Shot is open 7 days a week. Our daily hours of operation are as follows:

    Monday 11AM - 8PM
    Tuesday 11AM - 6PM
    Wednesday 11AM - 8PM
    Thursday 11AM - 8PM
    Friday 10AM - 9PM
    Saturday 10AM - 9PM
    Sunday 12PM - 6PM

    Best Shot is closed on the following holidays: Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas.

  • Q: What kinds of guns may be shot at Best Shot Range?

    A: Handguns and .22 LR rifles may be used on the Pistol Range at Best Shot Range. If you are unsure if your firearm may be shot on the range, please ask a Range Officer for assistance.

    Shotguns are allowed at Best Shot Range during weekday hours (Monday through Thursday). ONLY Buckshot and Slugs are permitted. NO BIRDSHOT ALLOWED.

    For more information, see the 'Range Rules' on our website: http://www.bestshotrange.com/range-rules/

  • Q: Do I need to have my own gun to shoot at Best Shot Range?

    A: No. We have an array of handguns and long guns available for rent to use at our Range. Once you pay the Rental Fee, you may use as many different firearms as you please -- one at a time -- during your shooting session.

    **BSR Ammo MUST be purchased for use with our rental guns.**

  • Q: Can I shoot at Best Shot Range if I am new to shooting or it's been a while since I last shot a gun?

    A: Yes! In fact, we encourage you to come in and practice.

    If you would like some basic instruction, we offer a Personal Learn-to-Shoot lesson, during which we can work with you on your specific gun. It includes Lane Fee, Eye & Ear Protection, Targets and 50 Rounds of Ammo. We'll cover gun safety, basic marksmanship, and show you how to maintain your gun. For more information, look here on our website: https://www.bestshotrange.com/personal-learn-to-shoot/

    If you're interested in seeking more formalized instruction in a group setting, our Learn-to-Shoot Class is typically offered at least once every month -- you can register online via the Calendar on our website. This class is limited to 10 students.

  • Q: Is there an age limit/requirement to shoot at Best Shot Range?

    A: Technically, no. Any shooter under the age of 18 MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT AT ALL TIMES. We ask that parents/guardians use a responsible amount of discretion when bringing minors onto the firing line.

    (For reference, our Youth Shooting Camps permit students as young as 8-years-old, so we consider that a reasonable shooting age.)

  • Q: What calibers may be fired at Best Shot Range?

    A: The Best Shot Rifle Range can accommodate any civilian rifle cartridge – .300 Win Mag, .338 Lapua, .458 Winchester Magnum, and it is equipped with ballistic-rubber-filled bullet traps rated for .50 BMG, although that cartridge is not permitted!

  • Q: I am pregnant. Can I shoot on the indoor Range?

    A: Sorry, but for health reasons, we do not knowingly allow ladies who are pregnant onto the Firing Line.

    [*This statement is discretionary based purely on personal sentiment; We are not making any claims as "medical professionals".]

  • Q: Can your Range accommodate a person with a physical disability or handicap?

    A: If you require assistance getting from your vehicle into the Range, please call 281-648-7468 and ask any of our Staff for help.

    Once inside, our Staff can help you maneuver into/around the Lobby, the Pistol Range, and/or the Rifle Range. Please do not hesitate to ask for assistance.

  • Q: I'm buying a new or used gun, and I'm using Best Shot Range as my FFL Dealer. When can I pick up my gun at Best Shot Range?

    A: We recommend that each person gets a tracking number from the firearm shipper, so that they can keep track of the expected delivery of their gun. Once the gun is received at Best Shot Range, it will need to be "Received" by our Staff - this takes time, please be patient. The purchaser will receive a courtesy phone call from our Staff when the firearm is available to be picked up. Typically, the gun will be available by 5pm THE FOLLOWING DAY.