Personal Learn-to-Shoot

A Personal Learn-to-Shoot lesson allows for one-on-one instruction. The session begins with your objectives – what is your goal? What would you like to accomplish? From there, we discuss the basics of firearms and ammunition. The lesson generally focuses on handguns, but rifle training is available, as well. You’ll learn about gun safety, marksmanship, and we’ll discuss proper storage and maintenance of your firearm.

Personal Learn to Shoot classes are scheduled By Appointment.

Walk-in training without an appointment may be accommodated subject to staffing and range availability.

The session includes 1 Shooting Lane, Gun Rental, 50 Rounds of Ammo, and Private Instruction:

Shooting Lane Fee                         $18
Gun Rental                                     $20
50 Rounds Ammunition                  $15
Firearms Instruction                        $60

Weekday Special – 33% Savings!!!

Monday through Thursday             $75
Additional Student                          $25 each
Maximum 3 Students

Fridays or Saturdays or Sundays and Holidays

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Holidays           $100
Additional Student                                      $50 each
Maximum 3 Students

Training time is generally one hour or less. For additional instruction, $30 per half-hour increments is available.

Patrons may use their own gun, and additional ammunition is available for purchase.

Every class is personalized to your specific needs.

We look forward to advancing your firearms and shooting experience!