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The “Learn to Shoot” Class is an introduction to guns and shooting.

There are three primary topics discussed:

1. Gun Safety

2. Handgun Types and History

3. Basic Handgun Operations and Marksmanship

The focus of the “Learn to Shoot” class is to get you grounded in the fundamentals to allow for you to take your First Shots. After completing registration, we discuss each student’s goals.  What do you want to accomplish? Are there any specific topics that you’d like to address?  We welcome any questions you’d like answered.

The last part of class is spent on the Range allowing you to experience various types and models of guns. We will provide several types of guns to be used during the training. Our most important goal is for you to have a safe and positive shooting experience.

You may bring your own firearm and ammunition. Please ensure no loaded guns are brought to the class and adhere to safe firearms handling procedures. Ammunition should be stored separately.  We will discuss all of these processes and procedures during the evening.

The cost for this course is $125 per person and includes shooting up to 10 different models of guns. Ammunition, targets, eye protection and ear protection are provided.

Class sizes are limited and require reservations.

This class is recommended for students ages 15 and older.