Defensive Pistol

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Defensive Pistol course is designed to provide students with reality-based scenarios that would test safe handgun manipulations, accuracy and consistency under simulated stress.

Students will be exposed to malfunction drills, tactical reloads and unconventional shooting positions. Students will understand use of cover and concealment and shooting from behind barricades. Low light shooting will also be incorporated in this course.

What is included: Range Fee, Classroom Instruction, Handgun Rental and Safety equipment(eye/ear), and Ammunition (50 rounds total of various calibers). Extra ammunition is recommended on top of what is provided (100 rounds).

REQUIREMENT: This is not a beginner’s course. Students are expected to be familiar with their handgun’s functions and must be able to show safe handgun manipulations. Weapon lights or handheld flashlights are recommended. Students may bring handguns that are equipped with red dots, lasers and lights.