Best Shot offers a 25 meter Rifle Range with 4 lanes for all-weather shooting. Unlike many indoor ranges that allow limited rifle shooting, the Best Shot Rifle Range allows for:

  • any civilian rifle cartridge – .300 Win Mag, .338 Lapua, .458 Winchester Magnum
  • ballistic rubber filled bullet traps rated for .50 BMG, although that cartridge is not permitted
  • no bullet splatter and no excessive lead dust
  • each lane is outfitted with a benchrest allowing for shooting from a sitting position
  • a selection of rifle rests, sand bags and lead sled are available
  • a Chronograph for experienced riflemen
  • a reloader friendly environment for accurate ammunition testing

How effective is a 25-meter benchrest range? It allows for shooters to get “on paper” with a newly mounted scope or new ammunition. An AR-15 zeroed at 100 yards fired at the range prints 2 inches low at 25 yards. For someone learning basic rifle skills they can get accustomed to the recoil and the report. It doesn’t matter whether it’s night time, raining, or blistering hot, shooting a high-power rifle indoors in a comfortable climate is a great time at Best Shot.

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