<<As of Wed. 3/25 at 1:00pm>>
· WE ARE OPEN Regular Business Hours
· Ammo In Stock! (intended for in-house use at the time of purchase)
· “Out the Door” Ammo Available for Sale** (while supplies last; see **Note below)
· Firing Line occupancy is currently 10 Individuals
· Lane Fee is $18 per person (Discounts suspended at this time)
· Shooting time will be 1 hour or less in an attempt to serve all Patrons
· Guns for Sale in-store & online — NICS Requirements apply (NICS delays may impact the firearm purchase process; We appreciate your patience and cooperation.)

**Note: Good news! We were able to acquire some ammo available to sell to go “out the door”. The supplier has raised prices and is charging shipping, so the cost is a little more than our regular pricing.

· 9mm – Federal American Eagle 115gr FMJ – Box of 50       $19.99 per box plus sales tax

· 9mm – Speer Lawman 115gr FMJ – Box of 50                     $19.99 per box plus sales tax

Currently, there is a 2 box limit. Quantities are limited and it will be sold first-come, first-served. Thanks very much for your understanding. And thanks for supporting Best Shot Range.

~ Matt Fleming
Best Shot Range, Owner


<<As of Sat. 3/21 at 10:00am>>
We are observing the same operational policies that have been in effect the past few days. Additionally, we are aware of a delay in the NICS System, which may impact the purchase process of your firearm. Please see THIS NOTICE from NSSF for more information. We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we work to serve our Patrons during this time!


<<As of Fri. 3/20 at 3:00pm>>
· WE ARE OPEN Regular Business Hours
· Ammo In Stock! (ONLY for use in-house at the time of purchase)*
· Firing Line occupancy limited to 10 Individuals
· Lane Fee is $18 PER PERSON (Discounts currently suspended)
· Shooting time limited to ONE HOUR or less per person
· Guns for Sale in-store & online!

*If you would like to be contacted when Ammo becomes available for out-the-door purchases, please send us a message using the ‘Contact Us’ form on our Home Page. We are responding to emails as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience.

<< Thank you for your cooperation ~ BSR Mngmt. >>