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Greetings from Best Shot Range!

As we prepare for Thanksgiving and the Christmas Season, it’s a time for gratitude and to spend time with family and friends. At Best Shot Range, we’re thankful for your patronage and we appreciate your support over the past seven years.

We have many activities scheduled over the coming weeks: a License to Carry class on Thanksgiving Saturday with more LTC classes during the Christmas break, including a special Tuesday Night LTC class; a Youth Gun Safety class; two RaG-WaG promotions; Friendswood Chamber Raffle; and two NEW Shooting Packages!

First, the Friendswood Chamber of Commerce is selling tickets for the Sportsman’s Dream Raffle. Only 500 tickets will be sold with 50 prizes available – 30 are high-quality guns – that’s a 1-in-10 chance of winning a valuable prize. Tickets are available at the Range or call Carol, Lucy or Diane at the Chamber and you can make your purchase over the phone – (281) 482-3329. Tickets are $100 donation. Click here to see the list of prizes:

Buying guns online? You can now make purchases from Best Shot Range online! Go to to see our listings. Plus, if you’re shopping for a particular gun, we have a new feature – 48-Hour Guns! Go to and browse for any gun currently available at one of our many distributors. Add to the Cart and you’ll get your gun in a couple of business days. There are No Transfer Fees when purchasing a 48 Hour Gun and picking it up at the Range. If you’re looking for a particular model, simply enter the name in the Search Bar on the top right and click ‘Go’. Happy Shopping!

Looking for a gift for your favorite shooting enthusiasts? We’ve put together some “Grab & Give” Gift Baskets for men, women, and children that make shopping easy. Stop by the Range to see all of the baskets.

RaG-WaG? We have two Rent-a-Gun Win-a Gun promotions. Our Patrons voted for the Smith & Wesson M&P9 2.0 Compact chambered in 9mm. Rent this gun for $10 and you’ll have a chance at winning a new version of the same gun. Something extra special is a chance to shoot a FN Five-Seven. This RaG-WaG is $20 and one lucky winner will win a new Five-Seven!

See our current promotions at

If you’ve been to the Range lately, you may have noticed a couple of Cowboy Hats on the hat rack. At Best Shot Range, you not only can look like a Cowboy, you can shoot like a Cowboy! We have a special gun rental Cowboy Package that includes a Colt 45 Six-Shooter Revolver, a beautiful Henry Lever Action Rifle and a Double-Barrel Stage Coach shotgun. Shoot all 3 for only $25 and don’t forget to wear the hat for a great picture! Have you ever wanted to shoot Big Bore Revolvers and experience the difference between a 44 Magnum and a 500 Magnum? We have our Big Bore Revolver Package that lets you experience the 44, 454 Casull, 460 S&W Magnum, 45/70 and the 500! It’s fun to be a Big Shot at Best Shot!!!

Weekday LTC – If your schedule does not accommodate a weekend LTC, then put Tuesday, December 26 on your calendar. Beginning at 6pm, we’ll have a Weekday Night LTC class. To see all of our classes, go to Select the event you’re looking for to register online.

License to Carry Class
Our next weekend License to Carry class will be Saturday, November 25. The Saturday class begins at 8am at the Range. The class fee is $100, which includes classroom instruction and shooting range proficiency test. We have additional Saturday classes on December 16 and December 30.

A “Learn to Shoot” class is scheduled for December 12 at 6:00pm. This is an introductory class for individuals with little or no shooting experience and for those who have not shot in a long time and want to get reacquainted to their guns. The cost is $95 and includes the use of a several different types of handguns and ammunition.

If our currently scheduled classes do not fit with your schedule, we can arrange “custom” classes for groups of six or more for License to Carry.

And, we offer a 1-Hour Learn to Shoot class that provides a one-hour one-on-one lesson. This is available by appointment only – email for more information –

BSR Memberships – The annual membership price includes unlimited shooting – there are no additional range fees when you become a Best Shot Member. Other benefits include:

▪ Members can make Lane Reservations
▪ Special “Members Only” Range Hours available
▪ Members receive discount pricing for Guests – $5
▪ Members receive Target Upgrades
▪ Members receive Discount Pricing on Best Shot Pro Shop Products
▪ Members receive three (3) FREE FFL Transfers per Year ($90 Value); subsequent transfers are only $20 with no charge for additional guns.

The individual membership fee is $399 per year; Couples are normally $429 and Families are normally $499 – for December, ALL Annual Memberships are $399!

Youth Gun Safety
The focus of the class is to introduce youth, ages 8 to 16, to the shooting experience. The course will be Thursday, December 28, 8am to 11am. There will be rifle shooting with an emphasis on gun safety and marksmanship. The class includes the use of a rifle, eye and ear protection, ammo and targets. The cost is $75. The class is limited to 10 students. Pre-registration and payment is required.

To find out about all of Best Shot Range’s upcoming activities, click the ‘Calendar’ button on our website.

Let us hear from you, and please tell us how we can continue to improve Best Shot Range.

Rain or Shine, Cold or Hot, C’mon In and Take Your Best Shot!!!

Matt & Suzie Fleming
“uva uvam vivendo varia fit”
“Buen Camino”