Out-the-Door Ammo Sales

BSR Patrons,

Thank You for your continued support of Best Shot Range.

As we all know, the Virus has impacted the economy in ways we’ve never seen before. Hopefully, this note finds you well as we begin the process of moving past the impacts of the Virus.

In many regards, Best Shot Range has been blessed to keep the doors open for the past year. While we’ve seen an increase in interest and activity at the Range, unfortunately, the shooting industry has not been able to keep up. There are two primary factors: a lagging Supply Chain and unprecedented demand for both firearms and ammunition.

We have worked diligently to keep ammo affordable to allow for Patrons to shoot at the Range. Last summer, we suspended Out-The-Door (OTD) sales in an effort to have enough ammo for Patrons that were shooting at the Range. To date, we have maintained this policy and we continue to have some pistol and rifle ammo available. We’ve seen the extremely high prices of ammo on the internet and we do not want to go down that path of charging the highest price possible. It’s our goal to offer an affordable shooting experience.

We’ve received many requests for more Out-The-Door (OTD) ammo and would like to provide some ammo, if possible. This past week, a supplier asked if we wanted ammo and although they have raised their prices another 25% above earlier increases, we have decided to make the purchase to allow for BSR Patrons to have access to some ammo.

As BSR Patrons that have supported our Range, we are offering the opportunity to purchase 9mm. The price will be $46.18 per box of 50 ($49.99 including tax); NO LIMIT, While Supplies Last! You may stop by the Range and mention this offer, or you can email, Matt@BestShotRange.com and we will set the ammo aside for you. We are unsure if we will be able to re-order with this supplier, but we will make the inquiry if there is enough interest.

The Virus has impacted the Guns-and-Ammo Supply Chain in many ways. Less raw materials were produced and fewer workers were showing up at factories to manufacture products. There were less workers in the warehouses for distribution and to facilitate shipping. Additionally, there were 7 million new gun owners in 2020! Obviously, they wanted ammo to go with their guns. Existing gun owners, seeing social and political unrest, also wanted to add to their inventory. The Gun and Ammo manufacturers simply can’t keep up. All of these issues, and more, have had severe negative consequences.

Here are links to two videos from Jason Vanderbrink, President of Federal, CCI, Speer and Remington.

Jan 2021:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIgvoJKovIg

Feb 2021:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5zNNk130V0

Thankfully, along with other gun and ammo manufacturers, they’re continuing to make some product.

Our traditional suppliers of ammunition provide less than 10% of the ammo we were purchasing a year ago. Fortunately, we have found other sources; unfortunately, they have raised prices over 300%. We’ve had a good relationship with an Ammo Remanufacturer for several years to supplement our ammo purchases, but reloading components, especially primers, have been in short supply, as well.

We have worked diligently to keep ammo affordable to allow for Patrons to shoot at the Range. Although we have a limited supply, our 9mm Range ammo will still be $34.99 per box until that inventory is exhausted. I’m hopeful we will be able to source other ammo at better prices in the near future.

Please let us know your thoughts and how we can be of service. As always, many thanks for supporting Best Shot Range,

Matt & Suzie Fleming
Best Shot Range, Owners