2017 Super Bowl LI


This year, Houston is host to the Big Game, SUPER BOWL 51!

If you’re visiting the Houston-area, and you’re looking for something fun & exciting to do, look no further than BEST SHOT RANGE!

We’re an Indoor Shooting Range with a 10-Lane Pistol Range and a 4-Lane Rifle Range, so no matter what the weather’s doing outside (and in Houston, you never know what to expect!), it’s always comfortable here. Remember our motto: Rain or Shine, Cold or Hot, C’mon in & Take your BEST SHOT!

WE RENT HANDGUNS & LONG GUNS! So if you’re traveling and you don’t have a gun with you, we’ve got several Range Guns available to shoot on our Lanes. [BSR Ammo is required for the use of our guns.]

Also, firearm purchases can be shipped through any certified FFL dealer nationwide. Check out the guns we have in stock, or we can custom order something for you!

·· Shoot our Smith & Wesson .500
— a “hand cannon” that is guaranteed to get your heart racing!

·· Try your hand at GunPong™
— a challenging alternative to standard target practice!

·· Work on your quick-shooting with LaserShot
— an automated shooting simulator set up right in our Lobby!

·· Buy RaG-WaG Squares
— even if you’re not a fan of either team playing, this is a way to keep you engaged in the score of the game. There will be 4 winners for ever 100 RaG-WaG squares sold: a FREE Range Pass will be awarded at the end of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd quarters, and a NEW GUN will go to the Final Score winner!

{Super Bowl RaG-WaG: H&K VP9}


New to shooting? First time visitor? Check out our FAQs.

Have questions or concerns? Please feel free to call us (281-684-7468) or send us an email (info@bestshotrange.com).